Grading Submissions

Grading Submissions

We offer grading submissions both for cards pulled on stream and if you would like to submit cards that you have in your possession. We submit cards for grading with PSA, BGS, CGC & HGA. Before you submit a card to grading with us, please make sure to read and e-sign the form below.

Grading Agreement Form

We will NOT accept cards for grading unless the following form is read and agreed to. Once you have submitted your responses, you may then begin the submission process with us.

How To Submit with Us

First contact TCP via discord direct message or email.

Discord invite link:

Discord username: @thecollectorsparadise

E-mail address:

Simply communicate if the card was pulled on stream or if you will be mailing it in and you will be provided with instructions on where to mail cards if they are currently in your possession. Additionally, communicate which grading company and what speed you'd like to submit your cards at. Keep in mind, faster turnaround times are more expensive. Once you have submitted this information and/or mailed your cards in, you begin the waiting process. Once grading is complete, you can expect to receive an invoice for your grading submission via the contact methods you entered above in the grading submission agreement form. Any questions regarding grading can be addressed to TCP via discord DM or via e-mail. If you attempt to communicate via other medium (instagram, tiktok dm etc.) you may not get a response as quickly.